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Thursday 17th of August 2017

New Video Layout

We have designed a new format for our videos. The new addition to the videos is an image that has been designed with our company logo on it that stretches across the video as an overlay. This will hover above the video and last the duration of the clip. This image will also have some information about the company that is being interviewed including the name of the company, the name of the person that is being interviewed and the company’s website or contact details depending on which one they would prefer.

Below is a screenshot of what we believe the final layout will look like when the banner has been tweaked to fit the various interviews correctly.

new layout screenshot

The image above shows a screenshot from one of the upcoming videos. The image in the video clip is the outside of the TheTalkies new headquarters in Deganway Quay. The new feature of the video is the bar across the bottom that was designed in photoshop and then imported into the movie editing software and used as a title overlay. As can be seen, this video is just a brief clip about TheTalkies and their new environment so where the information about the TheTalkies can be seen will be where the other companies details will replace them. But TheTalkies logo on the far left above the other information will remain there as a watermark showing that the video is made by TheTalkies but interviewing the other company that will be included upon the image overlay.

The above is still a work in progress so there may be some various changes along the development path. But at the moment we are happy with the design and think it will be a great addition to our videos. The main reason we believe it is a good addition is the fact that it gives the video a little bit more visuality, by this I mean something else to look at. Whilst the video is playing and the viewers are watching and listening the may hear something they are interested in and want to check the website in which the company being interviewed owns. With the new banner across the bottom of the video, the viewer can see the website and the company name throughout the whole video and they won’t have to wait until the end of the video to see any information that could be shown in the credits or as a final section of the video.

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